Silly me!

I'm so relieved that i had passed my―intermediate accounting―exam.

But still, i have another one! A comprehensive test. I created a very nice plan! My plan was: went to spa on wednesday and stayed at home from thursday till next weeks.

I've to studied hard. I promised to myself didn't go anywhere accept to the 'very crusial reason'.

The actual plan is: i went to spa on wednesday. Went to my senior's house yesterday(i got a comprehensive course) and i did went straight home after course. But i was trapped by traffic jam,and arrived at 9.00pm!! :(

Today i went to my nephew's house, to copied a software named 'rational rose' (fyi: this software's size up to 1GB).
My nephew―inuk―can't sent that f***ing software via email.

I spent 5 hour in inuk's house. Had a lunch, posted my first blog and played with his little brother, Nabil. I came home at 3.00pm, but instead of studying, i was sleeping after took a bath.

And now.. I'm posting my blog again! Without any feeling guilty..

I feel like an idiot―a complete one! (it's make me wanna cry...)


simplyditch said...

really nice blog..
me likeeee it :)

gw dan temen2 niaga gw pada mau ke bale bale spa abis uas..
mau ikutan gak??
tempatnya bagus lohh katanya..trus gak terlalu mahal :)

anninu said...

Makasih dita.. :)
Tapi ini br postingan ke 2!

Spa bersama sound nice.. *liat tanggal dl ya dit.mengingat gw bkl kompre.huhu.*

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