I'm not Lucky, i'm in love with my bestfriend

I become more sentimental than ever..
When he doesn't call, i get pissed
..and when he doesn't reply my message, i get angry!

It's very easy to fall in love with him!
Yes, we are closed friends

We have same interest, same thoughts.
He got such a free-spirit and open-minded.
I can tell him everything on my mind without worry and obviously i feel comfortable around him.

It's crazy to describe how i feel about him now.
Now, i realize that he seems to be the only guy i can depend on.

Well.. in this case―i know―i shouldn't be following of what my heart says, cause it will only bring me unhappiness.

I don't wanna let him know!
i'm afraid, i may lose the whole friendship that i've built before.

Rrrrrggghhhhh.... i was trapped in a wrong situation.

Love comes without permission.. :(


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