No mountain's too high for you to climb. All you have to do is have some climbing faith..

No river's too wide for you to make it across. All you have to do is believe it when you pray..

He's Just Not That Into You

The reason it's so painful when someone disappears is you have to face the fact that the person you loved had probably left you a long time before he grabbed his coat and scrammed. The part part is realizing that he was lying to you, in some way, before the moment of vanishing...

sangat ingin nonton film iniii....


We learn wisdom from failure much more than success. We often discover what we will do,by finding out what we will not do..

-samuel smile-

God and his greatness

Udah 2 kali gw gagal lulus dari matakuliah yang sama.. Kegagalan pertama adalah di semester 4, dengan nilai akhir D (nilai yg super buruk). Dalam hal ini gw bisa terima,karena nggak ada usaha sedikitpun dan nggak ngerti sama skali apa yg lg gw pelajari pada saat itu.
Di semester 6 gw kembali ngulang matakuliah yang sama. Ikut les dan belajar lebih giat biar lulus. dan hasilnyaa.. Cuma dpt C-. (What the f***)

Dengan perasaan yg super sedih dan super bodoh juga super malu, gw kembali daftar matakuliah―yg itu lagi di semester 8..

Tau kan ada perumpamaan yg mengatakan: "even donkey never fall twice in the same hole"
Dengan berpegang teguh pada perumpamaan diatas (tentunya juga rasa malu disamain dengan keledai), di semester 8 ini gw belajar super keras; les extra time; diulang setiap hari...dan akhirnya apa??

I got B+.
It isn't the best point.. tapi gw bersyukur, karena ada 'pelajaran' lain yang bisa gw petik. Sesuatu yg sudah lama allah tunjukan dan nggak pernah gw sadari.. :D

Alhamdulillah..terimakasih allah!

When my dream will come true..

I got a surprise call from my auntie yesterday. She got 5 free invitation from mandiri fiesta!! And she invited me! Ini bener-bener saat yg paling gw nantikan dari dulu.gw pengen bgt ketemu ANDI RIANTO! I adore him. For me, he's the most gorgeous composer in indonesia! Young.tallented.good looking.creative. Berkali-kali gw berusaha untuk bisa ketemu dya,dan sekarang kesempatan itu bener-bener di depan mata!! Arrggh..totally speechless. I can't wait till 30rd of may. :) :) :)

:: waiting in vain ::

I got a message from Tappei.. Yippiee! :D

Tappei: Hai sombong.lamabgt gak kabar2i ni..are you ok?

Me: haloo super sombong!! Apakabar sih?

Tappei: Kangen nih.nanti malem gw telp ya?jgn tdr tapi.janji?

Me: Sippirili. I'll be waiting.

Setelah bls sms yg terakhir gw langsung loncat ke toilet.mandi.pilih-pilih baju rumah yang nyaman.pake parfum! *lho?*

45 menit berlalu..

Bosen bengang-bengong, gw memutuskan untuk browsing-browsing. telfon wireless di taro diatas printer dengan maksud, when the phone ringing, i'll pick it fast!


pukul 22.38..

Pura-pura nggak peduli.

pukul 23.52..

No call. No message. No sorry.
I'm a stupid one! :( :(

I Called it, Polyvore Syndrome..

Beberapa waktu lalu bestie ditch merekomendasikan situs polyvore.com
Malemnya gw langsung buat account di situs itu dan sekarang jadi super ketagihan sama polyvore!!
I spent 10 hours in front of my PC to create my wardrobe in polyvore! wew..
Apakabar comprehensive module?? Oh la laa..

Ini nih beberapa contoh set yang gw bikin..

Masih standart sihh.. but i'll do my best next time!!

Silly me!

I'm so relieved that i had passed my―intermediate accounting―exam.

But still, i have another one! A comprehensive test. I created a very nice plan! My plan was: went to spa on wednesday and stayed at home from thursday till next weeks.

I've to studied hard. I promised to myself didn't go anywhere accept to the 'very crusial reason'.

The actual plan is: i went to spa on wednesday. Went to my senior's house yesterday(i got a comprehensive course) and i did went straight home after course. But i was trapped by traffic jam,and arrived at 9.00pm!! :(

Today i went to my nephew's house, to copied a software named 'rational rose' (fyi: this software's size up to 1GB).
My nephew―inuk―can't sent that f***ing software via email.

I spent 5 hour in inuk's house. Had a lunch, posted my first blog and played with his little brother, Nabil. I came home at 3.00pm, but instead of studying, i was sleeping after took a bath.

And now.. I'm posting my blog again! Without any feeling guilty..

I feel like an idiot―a complete one! (it's make me wanna cry...)

I'm not Lucky, i'm in love with my bestfriend

I become more sentimental than ever..
When he doesn't call, i get pissed
..and when he doesn't reply my message, i get angry!

It's very easy to fall in love with him!
Yes, we are closed friends

We have same interest, same thoughts.
He got such a free-spirit and open-minded.
I can tell him everything on my mind without worry and obviously i feel comfortable around him.

It's crazy to describe how i feel about him now.
Now, i realize that he seems to be the only guy i can depend on.

Well.. in this case―i know―i shouldn't be following of what my heart says, cause it will only bring me unhappiness.

I don't wanna let him know!
i'm afraid, i may lose the whole friendship that i've built before.

Rrrrrggghhhhh.... i was trapped in a wrong situation.

Love comes without permission.. :(